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The story of book creation goes like this: You start with an idea, flesh it out with an editor, draw up an outline, and set aside a few weeks to let the words just pour out.

The truth? "Writing is easy," famed journalist Gene Fowler said. "All you do is sit staring at the blank sheet of paper until the drops of blood form on your forehead."

Well, not really. The blood of thought runs instead to your fingertips. What emerges often surprises you, captures thoughts larger than yourself, large enough to move your inner self, large enough to move other people.

That's why people like my clients—and myself—are authors. This website gives you a window into that world. Welcome.

If you would like a primer on how to write a great book, check out my 14-step book-writing process at Or buy the book. Or ebook!

And if I can help you with the "easy" task of writing—as a ghost writer, collaborator, or book doctor—get in touch. Below are examples of my work, including The Discipline of Market Leaders, a New York Times bestseller.

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