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Bill Birchard has written articles for many magazines in the last twenty years. Check the links below to see his broad range of reporting expertise.

"Herman Miller Ups the Ante with Design for Environment 2.0." Sustainable Brands. February 6, 2013. [Report on leading-edge initiatives to further sustainability at Herman Miller, Inc.]

"Herman Miller's Design for Growth." Strategy + Business. Summer 2010. p 56-67. [Profile of Herman Miller, Inc.'s innovatives strategies and business practices.]

"Accountable Companies." The Sustainable Enterprise Report, 2008. [Essay in report by Kyoto Publishing on turning sustainable ideas int action.]

"The Role of Finance in Environmental Sustainability Efforts." CFO Research Services 2008. [Report for CFO magazine research affiliate on how top financial executives are furthering green business practices.]

"Nonprofits by the Numbers." CFO July 2005.p 50-55. [Report on trend in nonprofit groups toward greater accountability and transparency.]

"Nonprofit Muscle." Chief Executive. Jan/Feb 2005. p 42-45. [Report on the growing clout of nonprofit groups globally.]

"The Voice of the Stakeholder: Is Sustainabilitiy Sustainable?" Strategy + Business. Fall 2003. p 97-104 (with Judith Samuelson). [Review of the state-of-the-art in corporate citizenship.]

"Trends: CIOs in the Boardroom." CIO Insight. June 2003. p 50-57. [Report on why chief information officers are tapped to sit on corporate boards.]

"Corporate Governance: Hard Facts About Soft Behaviors." Strategy + Business. Spring 2003. p 58-69 (with Paul Kocourek and Christian Burger). [Report on the "soft" steps to governance reform.]

"Landed Manager." Chief Executive. December 2002. p 46-49. [Profile of Steve McCormick, CEO, The Nature Conservancy.]

"Global Profits and Ethical Perils." Chief Executive. June 2002. p 29-34. [Story of the ethical challenges CEOs face when expanding globally.]

"Knowledge Review: Once Upon a Time." Strategy + Business. Q2 2002. p 99-103. [Survey of ways leaders can use storytelling to improve communication.]

"Citizen Kraemer." Chief Executive. February 2002. p 34-38. [Profile of corporate social responsibility efforts by the CEO of Baxter International.]

"On Further Reflection." CFO. March 2001. p 57-64 (with Alix Nyberg). [A retrospective look at the success of shareholder value measures.]

"Breaking the Mold." Tomorrow. January/February 2001. p 32-34. [Profile of environmental leader and Husky Injection Moldings CEO Robert Schad.]

"One Size...Fits Some." Tomorrow. November/December 2000. p 54-58. [Report on new global standard for sustainability reporting.]

"Letters From the Social Reporting Front." Tomorrow. July/August 2000. p 56-58. [Interview with leader in corporate social reporting.]

"Cooling the Greenhouse with Trees." Tomorrow. March/April 2000. p 50-51. [Report on the potential of tree-planting to mitigate global warming.]

"A Social Report for a Public Audience." CFO. February 2000. p 22. [Report on Dow Chemical's launch of social performance reporting.]

"Doing Well by Doing Good." Harvard Management Update. December 1999. p 5-7. [Summary of trend toward greater corporate social responsibility.]

"Emission Incentives." CFO. December, 1999. p 20. [News report on BP Amoco's internal emission-trading system.]

"The New Embrace." Tomorrow. September/October 1999. p 50-53. [Report on companies integrating corporate citizenship into strategy, operations.]

"Intangible Assets + Hard Numbers = Soft Finance." Fast Company. Oct 1999. p 316-336. [Survey and profiles of leaders in valuing investments in the new economy.]

"The New Accounting Standard." Fast Company. October 1999. p 334. [Report on new performance measures under consideration by finance authorities.]

"A Pragmatic Activist." Tomorrow. July/August 1999, p 28-29. [Profile of John Sawhill, CEO, The Nature Conservancy.]

"Metrics for the Masses." CFO. May 1999, p 64-72. [Report on how companies train front-line managers in financial management.]

"Green Management Lurches Ahead." Tomorrow. January 1999. p 32-33. [Survey of innovations in environmental management in 1998.]

"CFOs on Review." CFO. September 1997. p 46-51.[Report on performance review process for chief financial officers.]

"Hire Great People Fast." Fast Company. August/Sept 1997. p 132-142. [Report on how high-growth companies hire the best.]

"How Cisco Makes Friends." Fast Company. August/Sept 1997. p 138. [Profile of Cisco Systems' recruiting program.]

"Casting a Sitcom is No Joke." Fast Company. August/Sept 1997. p 140. [Profile of how two casting agents hire sitcom actors.]

"If You Measure, It Will Come," Tomorrow. March 1997. p 34-35. [Profile of Bristol-Myers Squibb's environmental management approach.]

"The Measure of Good Business," Tomorrow. January 1997. p 50-53. [Profile/interview with Earnie Deavenport, CEO of Eastman Chemical.]

"Hidden Sites, Hidden Costs." Tomorrow. November 1996. p 30-31. [Report on inadequacy of corporate reporting of environmental liabilities.]

"Does Anyone Read This Stuff?" Tomorrow. November 1996. p 54-55. [Report on financial analysts' ignorance of environmental issues.]

"Keeping Score." CFO. October 1996, p 27-36 (cover story). [Story about companies using performance measurements to execute strategy.]

"Where Performance Measurements Fail." CFO. October 1996. p 36. [Story of a failed introduction of new measurements during reengineering.]

"Make Environmental Reports Relevant." CFO. June 1996, p 79-80. [Assessment of financial impact of environmental performance reports.]

"The Latest and Greatest Environmental Measures." Tomorrow. May 1996, p 33-34. [Survey of leading-edge measures of corporate environmental performance.]

"Do it Yourself." CFO. March 1996, p 34-40. [Profile of Valmont Industries' approach to measuring shareholder value.]

"An Internal SWAT Team." CFO. November 1995, p 21. [Story about Pacific Telesis's new group for fast-track auditing.]

"Making it Count." CFO. October 1995, p 42-51 (cover story). [Survey of corporate performance management practices.]

"How Many Masters Can You Serve." CFO. July 1995, p 48-54. [Report on the new notion of stakeholder management.]

"Measurement: It's Time to Admit Stakeholders." CFO. July 1995, p 51. [Report showing that CFOs have begun to heed the needs of all stakeholders.]

"Power to the People." CFO. March 1995, p 38-43. [Profile of AES Corporation and CEO Dennis Bakke.]

"By the Numbers." Tomorrow. January 1995, p 52-53. [Report on how companies are backing environmental claims with hard numbers.]

"Money Talking." Tomorrow. January 1995, p 59-61. [Review of prospects for environmental cleanup industry.]

"The Call for Full Disclosure." CFO. December 1994, p 31-42 (cover story). [Report on how companies increasingly disclose non-financial performance measures.]

"The Paragon and the Paradox." CFO. December 1994, p 33. [Story of how Analog Devices manages its performance measurement system.]

"Finding Their Smiles." CFO. December 1994, p 42. [Report on how AES Corporation measures employee satisfaction.]

"Wheelabrator Places its Bets." New Hampshire Premiere. December 1994, p 15-17. [Profile of how Wheelabrator Technologies is building its pollution prevention business.]

"Mastering the New Metrics." CFO. October 1994, p 30-38 (cover story). [Survey of new kinds of corporate financial performance measures.]

"Adding Nonfinancial Metrics to the Mix." CFO. October 1994. p 37. [Report on how Tenneco uses cost of quality as a crucial indicator of performance.]

"The Green Designers." Enterprise. October 1994, p 34-40. [The story of the revolution in product design to reduce environmental impact.]

"Greening the R&D Desktop." Enterprise. October 1994, p 38. [How Volvo Car Corporation has integrated environmental concerns into design.]

"Volunteers One Step Forward." Tomorrow. April 1994, p 72-75.[Report on companies that have voluntarily cleaned up toxic waste sites.]

"A Marriage Made in Heaven." Enterprise. April 1994, p 10-14 (cover story). [Interview with Chemical Bank CEO Walter Shipley about merger management.]

"The Best of Mergers." Enterprise. April 1994, p 15-19. [Story of how Chemical Bank and Manufacturers Hanover merged their trading desks.]

"Consolidating Technology." Enterprise. April 1994, p 17. [Story of how Chemical Bank consolidated its information systems after a merger.]

"Tree-Hugging Takes Root in B-Schools." ECO. January 1994, p 67-69. [Survey of business-school environmental curricula.]

"The Right to Know." CFO. November 1993, p 29-38. [Report on the risks of firms not disclosing Superfund liabilities.]

"Shareholders' Demands." CFO. November 1993, p 38. [Report on investors' demands for clearer environmental.]

"Blueprint for Best in Class." Enterprise. July 1993, p 10-14 (cover story). [Interview with William Butler, CEO, Eaton Corporation, on manufacturing excellence.]

"Making Factories Hum." Enterprise. July 1993, p 14-19. [Profile of team management at Eaton Corp.'s Watertown, Wisconsin, circuit board-plant.]

"Technology Connection." Enterprise. July 1993, p 19. [Story of materials handling methods at Eaton's Henderson, Kentucky transmission plant.]

"Beyond Science." Tomorrow. July 1993, p 25-28. [Story of DuPont's decision to cease production of ozone-depleting CFCs.]

"Productivity: Fact vs. Fiction." Enterprise. April 1993, p 6-7. [Book review of Competitiveness, Convergence, and International Specialization.]

"Going Green." Enterprise. January 1993, p 10-14 (cover story). [Interview with Ed Woolard, CEO, DuPont, on corporate environmental management.]

"Green Management." Enterprise. January 1993, p 14-19. [Report on environmental management at DuPont's Victoria, Texas, plant.]

"DuPont Integrates Worldwide." Enterprise. January 1993, p 16-17. [Report on DuPont's worldwide information systems for environmental management.]

"The New Finance." Enterprise. October 1992, p 20-25. [Report on leading-edge trends in managing corporate finance.]

"Scaling up for the 90s." Enterprise. July 1992, p 37-39. [Interview with Dr. Joseph Juran on quality management.]

"Alligator Control." Enterprise. July 1992, p 39. [Review of Dr. Joseph Juran's new book, Quality by Design.]

"Revisiting Ray Smith." Enterprise. July 1992, p 5. [Update on how Bell Atlantic CEO Raymond Smith builds worker commitment.]

"Lean Management." Enterprise. March 1992, p 10-14 (cover story) [Interview with Phelps Dodge CEO Douglas Yearley on cost cutting and restructuring.]

"Out of the Pits." Enterprise. March 1992, p 14-19. [Report on lean management at Phelps Dodge's Morenci, Arizona, mine and mill.]

"Turnaround for Keeps." Enterprise. March 1992, p 17. [The secrets of turning a company around from the verge of bankruptcy.]

"Unleashing People Power." Enterprise. Winter 1992, p 11-14 (cover story). [Interview with Gordon Forward, CEO, Chaparral Steel on people management.]

"The Learning Factory." Enterprise. Winter 1992, p 15-19. [Story of empowerment and team management at Chaparral Steel.]

"Doing Business the Bell Atlantic Way." Managing. Winter 92, p 2-7 (cover story). [Business and personal profile of Raymond Smith, CEO, Bell Atlantic.]

"Building Strategy on Technology." Enterprise. Summer 1991, p 10-15 (cover story). [Story of how Pioneer Hi-Bred has created competitive advantage with technology.]

"Leading the Field in Research." Enterprise. Summer 1991, p 15-19. [How Pioneer Hi-Bred's research department revolutionized itself with technology.]

"Strategic Planning in Motion." Enterprise. Summer 1991, p 17. [Report on Pioneer Hi-Bred's process for aligning technology investment with strategy.]

"R&D: The Next Generation." Enterprise. Summer 1991, p 19. [Book review of Third-Generation R&D.]

"Corporate Harvest." Enterprise. Spring 1991, p 34-40. [Survey of companies tapping quality management to improve administrative processes.]

"Quality Through Time." Enterprise. Spring 1991, p 36. [Report on new quality management tools for speeding up administrative processes.]

"The Total Quality Meeting." Enterprise. Spring 1991, p 40. [Report on how Xerox executives run meetings according to quality management principles.]

"Staying in Step." Enterprise. Spring 1991, p 41-43. [Profile of author Stan Davis and review of his book, 2020 Vision.]

"Revitalizing the Company." Enterprise. Spring 1991, p 43. [Tips on how to match corporate strategy to business life cycles.]

"Restructuring for Growth." Enterprise. Winter 1991, p 10-14. [Interview with Craig Andersson, COO of Aristech Chemical.]

"Spinoff Magic." Enterprise. Winter 1991, p 14-19. [Summary of USX Chairman Charles Corry's restructuring strategy.]

"Life After Spinoff." Enterprise. Winter 1991, p 15-19. [Story of how Aristech Chemical managers executed their successful spinoff from USX.]

"Is Going It Alone Better." Enterprise. Winter 1991, p 16. [Review of research that shows that spinoff companies often perform poorly.]

"Creating Market Value." Enterprise. Winter 1991, p 18. [New research that shows spinoffs often boost stock prices.]

"Leading Cultural Change." Enterprise. Fall 1990, p 10-14. [Interview with Bell Atlantic CEO Raymond Smith on changing corporate culture.]

"Up the Cultural Staircase." Enterprise. Fall 1990, p 15-20. [How executives at Bell Atlantic Directory Graphics revamped their culture.]

"Take This Culture....All the Way." Enterprise. Fall 1990, p 20. [Consultant John Sherwood sounds off on changing corporate culture.]

"The Tie That Binds." Enterprise. Fall 1990, p 21-27. [How companies use computer networks to gain their dealers' and distributors' loyalty.]

"Will Your Distributors Buy It?" Enterprise. Fall 1990, p 26-27. [Tips on how suppliers can sell computer help and ordering systems to their dealers.]

"Managing Technology." Enterprise. Summer 1990, p 10-14. [Interview with Fred Fetterolf, COO of Aluminum Company of America.]

"From the Plant Up." Enterprise. Summer 1990, p 15-19. [Story of how Alcoa uses customer focus, teams, and rapid prototyping in manufacturing.]

"Teams: The Magic Ingredients." Enterprise. Summer 1990, p 16. [The secrets of successful team management in information systems groups.]

"A Strategy for Global Reach." Enterprise. Spring 1990, p 9-12. [Interview with Varian Associates CEO Tracy O'Rourke, on global strategy.]

"On the Fast Track." Enterprise. Spring 1990, p 13-17. [Profile of Allen-Bradley's world-class factory-floor management.]

"The Route to World Class." Enterprise. Spring 1990, p 16. [Tips to reengineering manufacturing processes.]

"Remaking White-Collar Work." Enterprise. Winter 1990, p 19-24. [Corporate initiatives to reengineer white-collar work processes.]

"Managing Technology: A COO's View." Enterprise. Winter 1990, p 21. [Interview with Phoenix Mutual Life Insurance's president Bob Fiondella.]

"New Currents on the Shop Floor." Enterprise. Winter 1990, p 22. [New systems for managing work on the factory floor.]